The German stability and prudence: why invest in profitable real estate Germany

The German stability and prudence: why invest in profitable real estate Germany

Here are the best roads in the world, a stable economy and lives strictly by the rules. The Germans were not in vain called the most disciplined nation of the world - they are no one will know what is the procedure and how to comply with all the rules.

It is not surprising that the property market in Germany is one of the most profitable and reliable for investment among all countries of the world. JLL's experts, which is engaged in real estate all around the world, calculated that in five years (2007 to 2012) in the German real estate investment amounted to approximately $ 25 billion, and more than half of this amount - foreign capital.

Investors point out several factors that are key to the solution is to invest in the German square meters.

Firstly, it is the stability of the German economy as a whole. Here, a high GDP, low unemployment, and virtually no inflation. Accordingly, the standard of living Germans are significantly higher than in the rest of Europe, which has a positive effect on the purchasing power of.

The property market in Germany is focused not only in the country's capital Berlin, but only in 2013 the volume of investment is more than $ 3 billion, according to the company «Knight Frank».

Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt least wealthy of the city, each with its own advantages for foreign investors. The last two - Hamburg and Frankfurt entered the 20 cities with the highest standard of living, according to the «Mercer» research company.

Buying real estate in Germany is beneficial also because it is here that the largest real estate market in Europe. Firstly, it is the most populous country of the European Union - more than 80 million inhabitants, and, secondly, more than half the population is removed habitation. In Berlin, the figure even more: 85% of tenants are local residents. Do not lag behind and Hamburg - 77% of the housing stock here in the lease. That means fast and guaranteed income from the property for the investor.

Another important factor is the prime lending. Loans are issued in Germany by 2% per annum for 20 years. And these conditions are the same for both citizens and for foreign investors.

Buying property in Germany, you can choose different types of ownership. Full - it Eigentum, which means the ownership and land and building on it for an indefinite period.

The second option, which can draw the attention of foreign investors, it is the ownership of the apartment. In German it is called Wohnungseigentum. This is the most popular form of home ownership in Germany, as it is an apartment, not a house are in great demand in the country. Here the principle is familiar to residents of the CIS countries: the apartment belongs to the owner: a public (basement, attic) space - this is a common property of all residents.

The third option - a hereditary building rights - Erbbaurecht, in which the right of ownership of the building is issued for a fixed period of time - 30-99 years. The owner has the right to use the land but do not own it, and right on the square footage can be transferred by inheritance.

In general, buying a house or apartment in Germany, you are investing in a very robust market and a guaranteed profit. At the same time it is important that the investment process was accompanied by professionals who will help to choose the right property, collect the necessary documents and will advise on all issues. Refer to ProfitHill professionals and they will do so, that would be your capital work for you.