Green card investment

Green card investment

New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Hot threesome in the property market this year, will hold their positions, but they will be added to the list of Providence, Memphis and St. Louis. This is the conclusion arrived portal economist Jonathan Smoke. He analyzed the trends of last year and made a forecast for this year.

Each of the cities on its list of high demand, which confirms the statistics: more than 60% of all property views fall on these settlements. And then the transaction concluded on 16 days faster than the average for the United States.

The growth in demand for property in these cities due to low levels of unemployment and developing the labor market.

1. Providence, Rhode Island

The city is located in the neighborhood of Boston, the pace of economic development which is now very high. That has an effect on Providence.

The economist believes that property prices vyrostut by 10% in 2016.

2. St. Louis, Mussoorie

Here, a high level of employment and wage growth. because the demand already exceeds supply.

San Diego, CA

The same 10 percent predicts economist. 2015 was successful for the real estate market and this year the situation should only improve.

Sacramento, CA

Rising income plus decline in unemployment - still an active real estate market. Besides the proximity to Los Angeles. Prices this year there have growths of 7%.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Offer real estate market is growing and prices in 2016 should rise to 10%.

Memphis, TN

2015 was a very active for the city in which the rate will not be reduced. The number of sales of real estate is constantly growing.

Charlotte, North Carolina

The reasons are the same - especially the labor market improves.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Almost 8% have growths in sales this year.