The best European city for real estate investment in 2016: Championship of Germany

The best European city for real estate investment in 2016: Championship of Germany

Investment security, the pace of development of the city and state of infrastructure - these are some of the key parameters on which the experts of the company Urban Land Institute (ULI) determined the top ten cities where worth investing in real estate in 2016.

First place in the ranking was Berlin. The German capital has attracted investors a variety of opportunities for investment, quality of German infrastructure and the ever-evolving field of IT, which creates new jobs and attracting young professionals.

For Berlin should be the largest port in Europe and the world - Hamburg. It is the second largest city in Germany. As in Germany as a whole, the city stable economy, low unemployment and inflation. According to the largest market research firm «Mercer", in 2015, Hamburg was in the top twenty cities in the world with the highest standard of living. Over the past year, € 5 billion has been invested in the property of the city, and more than half of funds - foreign.

In third place in the ranking - the capital of Ireland, Dublin. Experts are confident growth in property prices here will soon reach the top mark, because to invest for greater profits is necessary in the near future.

It closes the top ten again German city - Munich. The capital of the region of Bavaria is considered one of the richest cities in Germany, because the purchasing power of residents is high. It is the lowest level of unemployment in Germany and the constant demand for new staff. Munich boasts a developed service sector, because here is profitable to invest money in the retail space.

It is also a university city, where the demand for rental housing is increasing every year.

Almost half of the residents of Munich - of foreign origin. Here, a large Russian community, there are Russian schools and kindergartens.

Overall, the top ten is as follows:

1. Berlin

2. Hamburg

3. Dublin

4. Madrid

5. Copenhagen

6. Birmingham

7. Lisbon

8. Milan

9. Amsterdam

10. Munich