The most expensive real estate in the U.S. is in California and New York, starting from $600,000 for a one-bedroom apartment and up to several hundred million dollars. The cheapest property is in Buffalo – it starts from $7,000. The most high-potential U.S. cities for investing are: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Houston, Seattle, and Memphis.

It is possible upon fulfillment of certain conditions. For instance, the amount of investment should be of certain level; the investor should create full-time jobs with wages average and above for the segment. With the help of experts, becoming a citizen upon buying a property in the U.S. would be much easier. ProfitHill experts are ready to assist with anything and provide informational support.

The risks of investing in the real estate markets of the U.S. and Germany are insignificant. However, afacility should be audited, checked, and assessed for financial appeal. It’s worth noting that ProfitHill does all of this on behalf of its clients. ProfitHill never charges prepayments or hidden fees. Unfortunately, many companies on the market do so, so be cautious.

Buying real estate in the United States and Germany involves numerous bureaucratic procedures, like test of solvency for a future acquirer, his/her credit report, and check-over of the property by various agencies. Our experts know how to avoid this paperwork and guarantee a deal in the shortest time.

ProfitHill provides this service. Our experts will prepare all required documents and organize an online conference to settle the transaction.

ProfitHill does not disclose the data of its clients and owns a set of legal tools to avoid disclosing names even during the settlement of a transaction

ProfitHill organizes tours to the U.S. and Germany to allow our clients seeing a facility ‘in person’ and getting to know the country where they are planning to buy the property.

ProfitHill cooperates with a number of managing companies that control real estate for our clients – from light bulbs replacement to tax payments.

The real estate markets of the United States and Germany are considered to be one of the most secure in the world – prices increase by 8-10 and 10-15 percent respectively annually. Each one is good for its own characteristics, and there are good reasons to put eggs in different investment baskets. Moreover, these are investments of various degree of remoteness – Germany is reached by a three-hour flight, while the U.S. is at 10-hour-flight distance.

As a rule, a buyer of real estate in the United States faces some 3.5 percent of the price of the property in extra costs; for mortgage, it is 5.5 percent. Closing costs include service and record fees (1.05-2.5 percent), which depend on different legal aspects in different states. There are also banking fees (for mortgage) + registration of the mortgage (0.2-1 percent). Seller’s costs usually include service and record fees (0.5-1 percent), a tax on transfer of property (0.01-2 percent), and brokerage fees.

Broker Fee of up to 6% (divided equally between the seller and the buyer of real estate).

You will receive the deed and a certificate for compulsory social insurance (the state of New York). Non-residents who buy real estate in the United States also receive an individual taxpayer identification numbe

The rate of the real estate purchase process depends on the speed of settling all the formalities.

ProfitHill has worked in the real estate markets of Germany and the United States for more than 10 years now. Over this period, none of our clients has left disappointed. We offer the best solutions for each individual case, conduct an expert evaluation and audit of each facility, and provide detailed consultations on each question.

Our experts possess all required licenses and permits for conducting investment activities and operations with real estate in Ukraine, the United States, and Europe.

After our client decides on the amount of an investment, we select a number of offers in Germany and the Unites States, or in other regions of interest. You can also make your own selection through the catalogue on our website.

Most of our clients have entrusted remote control over finances and property condition to managing companies. We have cooperation agreements signed with a number of them. After a relevant agreement is completed, the managing company provides weekly financial and property condition statements to its clients.