New opportunities in partnership with ProfitHill

3 simple features of partnership with ProfitHill:

  • Exposure to hundreds of potential clients.
  • Clients are indeed interested in the business, not just looking through the facilities.
  • Guaranteed attention of potential clients to your facilities.

By becoming a ProfitHill partner you will receive not only new clients but also at least 5 additional benefits!

Benefit #1: direct access to solid and well-off clients

We bear responsibility to our partners for quality of our clients. This is why we conduct initial gathering and analysis of information with the purpose of assessing investors’ intentions and their interest in the business.

Today, our club comprises hundreds of investors from more than 15 countries. They regularly examine available facilities for making investments. We will be happy to make your offers s to our investors and meet their demands.

Your information will reach potential clients through professional and trusted communication channels. These include a catalogue and e-mail campaigns.

Benefit #2: a reliable and approved partner

We have been operating on the foreign real estate market since 2012, and have attracted for our partners $82,000,000 from 475 investors. Some of the ProfitHill’s partners are:

- Keller Williams Realty, United States — the biggest real estate agency in the world

- W1 EVANS, United States — one of the largest real estate agencies of the world, with annual turnover of $750,000,000

- Nine 4 Nine Architectural Design and Continuum RE Brokers, United States — the leader of Chicago real estate market

- Ober-Haus Real Estate Advisors, Europe — the largest real estate agency in the Baltics

- IBV GmbH, Europe — one of the leader of the German real estate market with 35 years of operations

File an application and become a ProfitHill partner! (an application form)

Benefit #3: no additional efforts

We will take care of all the routine tasks with the clients who are interested in your facility. In particular, we will provide them with detailed information, if necessary, organize and conduct a business tour, show them the facility and provide more details on site, and draft an analytical report.

In short, we do our best to prepare the client to a purchase. All you have to do is to make an agreement with the client, sign a contract and receive your profit. We will take care of all the interim business.

Benefit #4: complete transparency

Our operations are based on complete transparency of all processes. Therefore, the relations with our partners are supported by contracts; we abide by contractual conditions and guarantee 100% legal compliance of each step.

Benefit #5: at arm's length from the client

Distance is often a factor that stops a customer from buying your facilities. Or, at least, it causes the deal being regularly postponed.

We have put efforts to solve this issue. On the one hand, we use a variety of multimedia solutions and expert advice to do this. On the other hand, we are able to organize a business tour. During the tour, a client will see your object and explore the surrounding area. He or she will talk to you, possibly an owner, and other investors. Experience has proven that such trips increase the probability of closing a deal by at least 5 times.

You have read this far but have not yet applied for partnership? You might have already lost a few potential customers for your facilities. But you can fix it — just fill in your contact details now to become a ProfitHill partner.

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Search for an investor to buy a real estate property or a partner on a shared basis will only take several minutes. ProfitHill receives dozens of expressions of interest from investors daily. They include the amount of a desired investment, a region of interest, and other criteria.