Experts from ProfitHill know the best ways to demonstrate the facilities and offer individual tours to the U.S. and Europe – so that our clients are able to personally experience the appeal of the investment objects.

We offer ready-made tours – we submit and check all the documents that are required for visas, including a visa application; consult on how to behave in conversation with a visa officer; book air flights for you; organize comfortable accommodation and a varied and rich program.

We plan the tour with consideration of your desires: the program will depend on the time you are willing to spend in the country and a number of cities you wish to visit during the trip. Depending on your preferences, we can combine business activities with entertainment and shopping.

Here is an example of a tour to the U.S.

You are interested in Miami’s real estate. ProfitHill’s experts will select a pool of required meetings and plan the visits to the properties. As far as we know from our experience, you should see not more than 10 facilities during one day in order to get an impression of them without getting confused.

It’s important for us that the clients understood the real estate they are buying and saw ground organization of the area. We make a short guided tour to familiarize with the area and get to know where a grocery, a shopping mall, sightseeing spots, restaurants, a dry-cleaning, a post office, and banks are located.

Many of our clients have families. For that reason, we also offer a list of public and private schools, as well as hobby groups and gyms.

We also draft a plan of where to go with kids if they are with you on the trip – thus, you will understand whether this new place will suit your living. For instance, while in Florida, we offer including beach vacation and visit to Orlando into the tour.

Concerning business facilities, we take into account all nuances and peculiarities important for successful investment into certain facility: a business center, a store, or a residential property.

Specifics of the tours to the U.S. and Europe

It is very important to feel the vibe of a city in general, that’s why we also suggest visiting sightseeing places. In San Francisco, that would be a tour to the Silicon Valley and Napa Valley, offices of Google and Apple. In Chicago, the architectural reservation of the U.S., we propose a tour along channels in addition to a regular program. This could be applied to any city.

During the entire trip, our clients are being accompanied by our guide and a car with a driver. The guides speak both Russian and English.