ProfitHill company offers you a chance to purchase real estate or invest your assets profitably into an object of your interest. As researched by Colliers International, the U.S. real estate market is the most perspective one in 2016, so if you invest in American facilities, you will definitely gain profits. Our experts will choose a type of investment you need – the one with a guaranteed payback but lower profit, or a risky one with higher gaining and a chance to become a lawful permanent resident in the U.S. We also work with the European market, which is as stable and secure as the U.S. one. So if you are searching for a facility closer to home, we will choose a suitable option for you.

It’s easy to start working with us. All you need is to choose a facility you are interested in for purchase or investment. You register at the ProfitHill website and receive access to our catalogues. Our experts can also help you with the search – you just need to file a request for “Real estate search.” They will offer you commercial property or residential accommodation in any region of the U.S. – from the West Coast (San Francisco, Los Angeles, or San Diego) with its vast choice of villas and private houses, to the U.S. East Coast (apartments in Chicago, penthouses in NYC). If you’re searching for property closer to home, we work with the European market as well.

After that, you contact us via any suitable means: send us a request, call us, or arrive at the office. All consultations with our experts are free. We also that allow you seeing a house or an apartment you want in person.

As soon as you choose a facility, there is nothing else for you to further care about. The team of professional lawyers, financial and tax experts will do it all for you. We will prepare the required documents and organize the transaction safe and fast, taking all the complicated subtleties of American and European legislation into account. You will have no need to obtain certificates, visit various authorities or a notary. Our experts will provide all required consultations and assistance. In addition, the team of ProfitHill will calculate all costs for execution of the transaction and will optimize them in the best way. With us, you will not have to pay more.

After the transaction is successfully closed, you will become an owner (or co-owner) of a profitable property and receive all the documents. If you want to, our experts will continue servicing the property – we can find a managing company and control its work. We are also able to tell you how to earn more with the facility.

If you are an owner or a developer of a facility, you can add your project to our website. Learn how to do that.